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Elementary Chinese Pinyin Learning

This software is suitable for kindergarten, elementary school students and adults to learn Chinese Pinyin. At the same time, it is also suitable for international friends who love Chinese as an introductory textbook for Chinese Pinyin. Each of our pinyin letters are accompanied by lifelike pictures, allowing students to learn in fun games, single vowels, compound vowels, initials, and the overall recognition and pronunciation of syllables are clearly classified. Visual animation with phonetic symbols to deepen memory, and interspersed with related nursery rhymes, tongue twisters and ancient poems to assist in memory, allows children to master standard pinyin in a short time. 1. Learning mode contains initials, single vowels, compound vowels, and overall recognition of syllables. For each letter, learn pronunciation and lip shape separately, learn the four-tone pronunciation, and use examples of words. And with tongue twisters, ancient poems and nursery rhymes to assist memory. Learn the practical application of pinyin in Chinese characters, split and recognize the pinyin of Chinese characters, and have a dictionary with Chinese character query function. The course management module can freely add Chinese characters to be learned, and can search directly to the target text. 2. Free practice: * Pronunciation practice: Through the recording function of the mobile phone, record your own true pronunciation, which can be compared with the standard pinyin pronunciation to find out the difference * Writing practice, learn the writing specifications of each pinyin letter, and freely exercise writing on the phone screen. * Give 4 pinyin answers in each round, find the correct letter according to the sound heard, and test the cognitive mastery of the letter * Give a Chinese character, fill in the corresponding pinyin, and examine the students' practical application ability of pinyin 3. Exam Mode: A certain number of questions are given within a limited time. Students need to answer the questions within this time. There is no prompt during the answering process. After the end, the test results will be given, and the wrong questions are automatically recorded every time, and the exam details can be checked at any time through the exam record. 4. Learning paradise: Here we provide several mini games that test academic performance (car racing, card matching, flying shooting, etc.). Let students test the results in the game to consolidate knowledge and improve memory. 5. The main points are organized. Summarized the main knowledge points in Pinyin learning, carried out inspections to fill in the vacancies, and strengthened the mastery. A good helper for elementary school students to learn Chinese pinyin Remove the complexity and keep it simple, grasp the key points, and improve the efficiency of Pinyin learning.
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